So about one year ago, my friend introduced me to role playing. I was on my personal Twitter, and my friend, who role plays as Narcissa Malfoy, needed a Lucius. I was like, sure. So I did it and everything. I then saw an account who had thousands folllowers, and she was a great Bellatrix role player.

I tried talking to her and she shrugged it off. I finally reached a thousand a few months later and she began to roleplay with me, forgetting that I was the Lucius who originally tried talking to her. I went up to her and I was like, “Hey, remember me? The girl you wouldn’t talk to a few months back?” And she freaked out and apologised and such and what people usually say is “the rest is history.”

After that, we talked every, single day. (She lives in Holland and I live in California, so she’s nine hours ahead of me.) I’d stay up until 4 am just to talk with her, and vice versa. We’d roleplay over Skype, Formspring, Email, and Twitter. We’d write letters, take a picture of them, and then send them to each other via email. She didn’t have a webcam, but me- being obsessed with videos- would record videos of myself and tell her about my day, etc.  A few months later we actually exchanged addresses and we began sending actual letters to each other. She sent me a necklace and I haven’t taken it off since. (Same thing with her.)

But one night she was fed up with something and posted something like, “I can’t deal with all of this stress, I need to get off. Goodbye, Layla.” I was so angry and sad at the same time. Angry because that was all she had said, after all of that time, and sad because she was my fucking everything.  I sent her a super long post, summarizing everything that has happened to us and I cried myself to sleep for a week.

She came back and I can’t even explain. She bought a webcam and got a chance to make me a video and we started crying, etc. Two weeks ago, we had our first ever Skype and the whole time we were crying, etc. 

I just wrote all of that to say that I woke up to mentions on Twitter of her spamming me with love. And if you see some that don’t make any sense, it’s the sing ‘In You Eyes’ be Peter Gabriel. When we began emailing, Lucius sent that to Bellatrix and we began listening to music with each other. So… Yeah.

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